COVID, A Note from Dr. Burgess

Certainties and Uncertainties

As we continue to deal with the scourge known as COVID-19 I wanted to update everyone on how we are navigating this reality as a hospital. First, I want to say how fortunate we were in not having to close our doors a single day due to COVID. This is directly related to the caliber of my teammates who protected their families, my family, your family, and the ability for pets to continue receiving healthcare each and every day over the last two plus years.  Our team has been vaccinated and we are encouraging boosters, most have family members that for a variety of reasons are still at risk. We have also employed many risk mitigation measures including the wearing of masks while in our facility, external ventilation of our primary exam rooms, and HEPA filters throughout the rest of the facility.  That said, we are taking it slowly and allowing everyone to ease back into something resembling normalcy and feel confident in how we manage this situation in a face to face world.

So what should you expect?

  • The same high level of care from our team, whether it be in person, over the phone, via Zoom, or email.
  • We are currently offering one client to accompany their pet in for visits with the doctor. Questions will still be done over the phone prior and masks (fully covering the nose) are required. Our exam rooms are small. These steps allow us to see clients in person but continue to support a comfort level for team members.
  • Curbside-style appointments are still available and encouraged for anyone interested. We will continue using curbside appointments for technician appointments to reduce traffic in the hospital.
  • Drop-off style appointments are also available. The veterinary field has been inundated with a large influx of pets over the past year for a variety of reasons. We are often booking out several weeks for wellness visits, so please plan accordingly. While we have appointments set aside for sick visits, they are typically filling up at least a week in advance. For sick patients where a traditional appointment is not available, we are typically able to offer same day drop-off style appointments. This allows us to provide essential medical care real time, but on a flex schedule between appointments.
  • Please be aware, the overload in veterinary medicine is a universal issue. Several 24 hour facilities and referral centers have had to close intermittently due to case overload and a six-plus hour wait is now the norm for emergency care. Our goal is to keep pets out of this situation if at all possible using as many creative scheduling techniques as we can.
  • Please be patient. I cannot say enough about how amazing my coworkers are and how proud I am to work day in and day out with them. They give their heart and souls to our pets and their owners. This often takes an emotional toll that most do not see. Please be patient, kind, and give a little extra love to these folks.

We have come so far and I am more excited than ever about what is to come. Thank you to all for hanging in there with us over the years and we are so excited to see you again!