COVID, A Note from Dr. Burgess

Certainties and Uncertainties

Decision overload. Judgment overdrive. Emotional fatigue. Silver linings. These are the best ways I can describe the last 4 months as COVID has taken over our minds, hearts, and opinions. I wanted to address briefly what this disease means for the care of our clients, patients, and team members in a way that hopefully provides a much needed sense of security.

Healthy Paws Animal Hospital is here to take care of your pet’s medical needs. That being said we are doing it in the most responsible way we know how to for our families. I am at my best when I am healthy (physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially), when my family, friends, and teammates are healthy, and when I am able to say I have given my best to whatever task is at hand.

This means we are having our furry friends enter our hospital without their owners. Many have asked how long we will be doing this for and I do not have an answer to that question. I do know that I have to sleep at night believing I have done everything I can to protect the health of my family, friends, teammates, and clients. If and when COVID affects the Healthy Paws family, I want to know I did not put us directly in harm’s way.

In spite of this, we have done as much as possible to ensure our pet parents still feel present. Whether this be via phone during the exam, Zooming on a videocam, or watching through our glass windows, we want you to know COVID may be changing our world, but it does not change us or the care we give your pet.

Our requirement of pet parents is that you wear a mask when approaching our building, whether it be to hand over your pet’s leash or pickup product. I realize this is a heated topic, I understand we are outside, I recognize it is only for a short period of time that you may be near our team. But this and social distance are all we have right now, and that little peace of mind is extremely important to my team with family members spanning nearly a century.

Things have not been easy lately, but I believe there is a light at the end of this tunnel. And hopefully in the meantime, at least knowing we are here for your pet and you provides a glimmer of relief along the way.

What your visit will look like…

  1. Park car
  2. Call 815-322-5400 to speak with team member/go over plan
  3. Mask on
  4. Bring pet to front door where team member will greet you, please honor social distancing
  5. Remain in parking lot/car during visit
  6. Communication via phone or Zoom (if possible download app prior to visit or you can request a tablet)
  7. Mask on
  8. Return to front door where team member will return your pet to you, please honor social distancing