Why Choose Us


A single word that has guided our practice since day one.  In veterinary medicine there are many situations caregivers face that may lead to feelings of vulnerability and the instinct to hide.  As a team we are committed to being vulnerable, telling and showing what we do honestly thus allowing us to create trusting relationships with both our clients and their pets.



I firmly believe in giving 100% to whatever I do as gracefully as possible.  Organizing schedules, manipulating time, and getting the most out of every waking minute are all passions, almost peculiar hobbies, of mine.  Being a solo practitioner and giving Healthy Paws the quality time it deserved while not burning out were huge considerations creating our business plan and culture.  With this in mind we may be a little different than other practices people have visited.


Exam Room Experience

How would I like to be treated and what would annoy me if I were taking my sick pet to the doctor?  Working in the veterinary field since the age of fourteen has afforded me the opportunity to see many examples of the good and the bad.  When building our practice countless people told us “you can’t” along the way. We are proud of how we challenged these at times archaic, traditional veterinary office ideas to create a better experience for our clients and patients.


Our Team

I walk through our back door daily at peace, knowing that no matter what is on the day’s platter, I have a support network in place that not only has my back on tough days but can also celebrate anything anytime.  They are salt of the Earth, talented, and confident in what they do and do not know.



I have always been grateful and credited my parents for my love of learning. The opportunities this has afforded me in every aspect of my life is infinite.  I love researching, finding different perspectives, and ultimately teaching topics of any sort to anyone. Veterinary medicine has provided the ultimate learner’s playground and I have tried to take advantage of this for myself, our business, and my team.



Dr. Karen Burgess
Head Veterinarian 
Healthy Paws Animal Hospital

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