Comprehensive Wellness Exams

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The yearly “trip to the vet” is not the same as it used to be. Long past are the days of vaccinations being the primary reason to see your pet’s doctor. In fact, in many cases vaccines are only given every 3 to 5 years. At Healthy Paws Animal Hospital, the focus of the comprehensive examination instead is on identifying problems and providing support for the family. No question is stupid, and we guarantee that if we do not know the answer we will spend the time to find it. Information and research are our specialty.

Annual physical examinations are recommended for adult cats and dogs. During this visit a detailed history is taken and all aspects of a pet’s life are discussed. From nutrition to behavior, weight issues to ancillary service providers, our team takes the time to address every concern. Vaccinations, parasite (intestinal, heartworm, fleas, ticks) control, and common medical ailments are addressed. Wellness laboratory work is performed to screen for any silent issues and to provide a baseline for the future.

When a pet reaches its senior years twice yearly examination is recommended. Not unlike when a person ages, with every year that passes there is increased risk of something changing in a pet’s health. Our goal at Healthy Paws is to predict and prevent disease thus providing improved quality and longevity of life.

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