"I can't stress how amazing this place is, the staff is beyond helpful and compassionate. I recommend everyone to bring their loved ones here!"

Emily P. September 9, 2016

"I switched to Dr.Burgess 3months ago after I felt the vets . . . weren't listening to me. My dog was not acting right. She listened to my concerns and saved my rott. Who we now know has an immune disease. They call and check up on him periodically. They've treated him and loved on him like their own. I couldn't love a vet more!"

Mickey R. Lake in the Hills, IL June 24, 2016

"Our family brought two dogs to Healthy Paws.  One had been ill and we wanted to work with a higher quality local vet and the other dog needed a check up to rule out any potential issues.

Dr. Burgess was very thorough both during the visit and with contacting us both by phone and by e-mail for any follow up information or questions. We were even given a free 3-ring binder to take home with all the information, medication and recommendations for one of our dogs, which was helpful because there was a lot of information to keep track of, and we hadn't thought to bring a notebook with us.

One of the dogs has a temperament that can be difficult to manage around strange people and pets.  We let the office know that in advance, and their team was very helpful in arranging for us to go through a separate entrance that goes straight into one of the exam rooms.  Also, they did a good job handling the situation to reduce the stress on both the pet and on us because our dog was very uncomfortable going to any vet and being around any strange people or any strange animals.

The office and exam room facilities are very clean and the air smelled neutral (none of the usual vet office smells).  The staff was friendly.  The medical advice was solid and the additional information and referrals when needed were helpful.  They even helped us find a separate source of discounted medication online so we could buy in bulk when one of our dogs needed long-term treatment. Also, the price for office visits and tests were very reasonable, and were often better than the prices we had paid at other nearby vets.

Even if you are picky, like we can be - especially about our family pets - you'll probably be pleased with Dr. Burgess and her staff. We only found this place after having been previously disappointed with substandard experiences at other nearby vet offices that were life and death situations that turned out unnecessarily poorly and which broke our hearts.  So, we had pretty much given up thinking we could find high quality vet care in our local area.  Because we love our pets, we were willing to travel and pay more by going to more distant veterinary hospitals to feel that we were doing all we could to take care of our furry family members.  However, thankfully, Healthy Paws has restored our confidence that we can find the level of care for our pets we need without hours of travel or higher prices for well-known emergency clinics closer to Chicago.  I encourage you to try them and compare for yourself, I'm glad we did!"

Anonymous June 3, 2016

"We started going to Healthy Paws Animal Hospital about a year ago, when we got our new shih tzu puppy. Dr. Burgess is so caring and takes the time with you to make sure you have all the information and understand all your options. It is very clean and inviting. The staff are friendly, welcoming and knowledgeable. I feel they really get to know you and your pet. I would highly recommend them!"

Carla B. Woodstock, IL May 25, 2016

"Really glad we found these folks. Great staff. Genuine care and concern."

Jonanthan J. Carpentersville, IL May 25, 2016

"This hospital, is the cleanest, has the friendliest staff and is always willing to help educate me on my pet and his well-being!!!"

Joseph J. Algonquin, IL May 25, 2016

"This is the cleanest hospital and has the friendliest staff. Dr. Burgess is awesome, she's attentive and is always willing to answer any question."

Heather J. Algonquin, IL May 25, 2016

"We recently got a new puppy and needed a new vet close to home. Looked up some local vets and decided to try Healthy Paws and couldn't be happier! Friendly staff and great facility! My dog loves being able to look out the window in the exam room and I love that you get a room right away rather than hanging in the waiting room!"

Renee S. Crystal Lake, IL March 18, 2016

"After several years at the same (local) vet, I decided I wanted to look elsewhere...hoping to find a place that will give our dog the essential treatment while keeping our cost reasonable. Beginning with the phone call being answered superbly (friendly, knowledgeable, quick) I was pleased and impressed. I said I needed a "wellness visit with rabies shots" and was offered a couple of times on the available day, and we set the time. I called back 24 hrs later and asked about changing the time. No problem.
Arrived and saw a small sign next to a supply of leashes, "Please keep your pet leashed." Nice touch. Comfortable entry area and individual rooms. Immediately saw the technician (Katie, I believe) who took down all the general info and asked quite a few questions about our dog's history, any concerns we had, etc. She handled them all professionally and quickly. She even advised *against* a couple of shots that weren't really necessary, given the details we provided...saving us some money.
Dr. Burgess came in and picked up where Katie left off, and clearly answered a few questions I had as she looked him over. After blood was drawn I was told they should have the results by Monday (2-3 wkg days). To my surprise I got a phone call from Dr. Burgess Sunday afternoon with the results. Soon after that, an email arrived with the full details.
Monday I sent an email with a question about part of the report, and had an answer from Dr. Burgess within ten minutes!  We had our pet "chipped" several years ago, and received an update from Healthy Paws confirming it was still active. (I had received emails from the original company stating we needed to pay more to keep the chip "active.") This saved us more money.

While the drive was significantly more than our prior vet, I thought it was time/money well spent.
So my summary: efficient, friendly, inviting, thorough, cost-conscious, great follow-up. I plan to be back when we need to."

Mark A. Arlington Heights, IL January 7, 2016

"Both of my babies love going here and have had great experiences! Dr. Burgess is very thorough and truly cares about what's best for the animal!"

Molly L. Crystal Lake, IL November 16, 2015

"Dr Burgess and her staff have been wonderful! Even before getting my puppy her as her staff emailed me with specific information ad detailed answers to all of my questions and concerns. They are patient, kind, helpful, and extremely resourceful. My puppy and o felt so comfortable with the beautiful and clean facility as well as everyone in the office. I will highly recommend them to everyone I know needing veterinarian services."

Shannon M. Lakemoor, IL November 16, 2015

"Wonderful vet and super clean facility! Everyone there is kind and caring, providing lots of information and being patient with all questions. I love that you get a binder for each pet with lots of info and copies of all records.

Also, we just got a puppy and they have free loaner crates, what a great idea! We were waiting on getting a crate until our new pup got bigger, and now we have one to borrow that we can trade in until she is closer to full size.

Very happy to have found this vet!"

Rachel W. Lake in the Hills, IL November 16, 2015

"I absolutely love Healthy Paws Animal Hospital! I cannot say enough about the staff and Dr. Burgess. We came to them when they first opened up and have been with them ever since. From the time you walk in the door, to the time you leave, you feel very comfortable and you know your animal is being well taken care of. Dr. Burgess and her staff not only take their time with you and your pet, but Dr. Burgess will call you after hours just to check on your pet and to give you results from tests as soon as she receives them. Even my own kids like to go visit the vet with my dogs. I highly recommend them as the best vet in the area."

Michelle R. Lake in the Hills, IL November 16, 2015

"Great staff. Very nice. Clean facility. Can't recommend enough."

Josh H. Huntley, IL June 18, 2015

"I honestly can't say enough great things about Healthy Paws and the whole staff there. Dr. Burgess is as honest and up front about what you don't need as much as what you do. As someone who often cares about the experience as much as the product I'd say Healthy Paws is not only the best animal care provider I've found, but is all around one of the best customer service experiences I've had. (Just for background info - we've been taking our dog there for a little over two years now)"

Daniel C. Woodstock, IL June 10, 2015

"We used a different vet in the area for 15 years with our previous dog, Sundance.  When we got our new puppy Cheyenne, we looked for a new vet and found Healthy Paws.  What a terrific find!!  I don't think I could give enough praise and admiration for Dr. Burgess and her fantastic staff. They are so kind and caring and have an absolute genuine interest and fondness for Cheyenne. This behavior isn't something that is unique to my pet, it's the compassionate human beings they are, from the doctor herself to the great people she has on staff.

I've never seen follow-up like that of Dr. Burgess, she will call or email after an office visit, even a simple nail trim, to make sure all is well.  They will send helpful articles they research for things that we may have discussed during a visit - always going above and beyond.  This is certainly not normal behavior I've seen with other vets, true interest and care for their patients and their owners.  Dr. Burgess' approach to treatment is one of compassion, kindness and true interest in how it will affect our pet and that is indeed something that I believe, separates her from other vets.  While you certainly have numerous choices in the area for your pet care needs, there is absolutely no one out there that will care for your beloved pet like Dr Burgess and her outstanding team."

Ken B. May 13, 2015

"I have had several dogs in my life and have been to many vets.  Hands down this clinic is top notch!!  From the customer service of the vet techs to the knowledge, compassion and follow through of Dr. Burgess. Anyone who tries this office will be super happy. The clinic even has a play room for small children (I have never seen this before in a vet's office).  If anyone is looking for a vet in the Crystal Lake area, give this one a try.  You will love them!"

Heather P. Crystal Lake, IL May 13, 2015

"I recently switched to Healthy Paws after using another veterinarian in the area. I was unhappy with my vet and a friend recommend Healthy Paws. Her pet was sick and they were wonderful as she had to say goodbye to her family member.  I have been to the animal hospital several times and Dr. Burgess and her staff are great. They made my dog Bella feel comfortable with treats and attention. She hated going to my other veterinarian. They never pressured me to purchase meds only from them. In fact, they gave me a script to use at PetMeds and when I researched it, their price was better. I would definitely recommend them and I have!!!"

Diane B. Crystal Lake, IL May 13, 2015

"I am a huge fan of Healthy Paws Animal Hospital & especially Dr. Burgess, mostly because she saved my life not once, but twice! When I was a puppy,  I was very fond of eating things.  Everything in moderation was my motto, but apparently that shouldn't include socks. Who knew?! She's very gentle and kind, and I think she really gets me because she always offers me peanut butter. Her staff is nice, the office is super clean, and she has this cat that doesn't even flinch when I bark like a crazy nut. I can't say enough good things about this place!"

'Sutton Foster' Crystal Lake, IL May 13, 2015

"I was drawn to Healthy Paws by the proximity to my home, but the minute we walked in with our 3 cats we knew there was so much more to love! The staff all treated my animals like their own. The facility was the cleanest I have seen and felt very homey. I learned more in that one visit than years of visits at other places. I walked out with a binder for each cat and follow up report cards as well as communication regarding the diet/prescriptions. The Dr. herself called to check in just a few days after the appointment. I am so glad that we were introduced to Dr. Burgess and Healthy Paws Animal Hospital. I would recommend to anyone!"

Jessica B. Lake in the Hills, IL May 13, 2015

"I have been a pet owner most of my life, and Dr. Burgess provides top notch care for your animals. She has the best veterinary practice in the entire region as I tried out others before hers."

Mike S. Village of Lakewood, IL May 13, 2015

"Dr. Burgess is wonderful!!! Her and her staff are great with our dog! After our dog was neutered, Dr. Burgess called us on a Sunday to follow-up to see how he was doing! We get monthly email reminders for the heartworm, email reminders for scheduling annual exams, email copies of any lab work results done. They will even send in the paperwork for our pet insurance!I would highly recommend Dr. Burgess as a vet! Wonderful vet and staff!"

Sharlan T. Marengo, IL May 13, 2015

"We have been to several animal facilities in the area and this is the only one we would go to again. It is clean, the staff are friendly, the doctor takes more than adequate time to speak with you about what is going on (if you are having problems) and how they can help, and what your options are. They are very knowledgeable about several types of diets and personal preferences for care. we will be coming here for years to come."

Karl M. May 13, 2015

"Excellent service and care for my dogs. Dr. Burgess is engaging, compassionate and informed. I appreciate the follow-up and attention. The personalized approach makes this animal hospital stand out. Nicely done!"

Linda W. April 23, 2015

"The staff at Healthy Paws provide very personal service & truly seem to care for the pets that enter the facility. They send monthly reminders for routine meds (helpful for my busy chaotic lifestyle)."

L. D. April 23, 2015

"So happy to have found Dr. Burgess!!

She has been a huge help in dealing with the many “issues” we’ve encountered after adopting our greyhound, Doc, a little over a year ago. We’ve been through worms; pretty strong thunderstorm anxiety; a mystery illness that took lots of perseverance until we figured it out; even a run-in with a woodchuck! Dr. Burgess was there every step of the way with information, experience, frequent phone calls; and a good dose of sympathy for what we were going through.

It’s very obvious that she is passionate about what she does and she genuinely cares about our animals."

Lynne M. Port Barrington, IL April 23, 2015

"Dr. Burgess and her staff are wonderful. Their ‘pet-side manner’ is terrific and very calming. The doctor gives both short term and long term advice and explains her diagnosis’ in a way that makes a lot of sense to me.

Every time that I have had to bring my little old lady dog in, either she or her staff has called me directly to follow up and make sure things are going as planned.

I really can’t say enough good things about them. I am very happy and thankful that they are in my neighborhood."

John S. Lake in the Hills, IL April 23, 2015

"I recently moved to Algonquin and found the hour ride back to my regular vet too long for my sick dog. I very luckily was referred to Dr.Burgess. Her kindness and her staff helped me through a very difficult time. They called regularly to check on James (my dog) and me. When the time came to make the decision best for James, he was treated with such genuine kindness.

When I unexpectedly decided to adopt 2 puppies, I brought them to Healthy Paws for their check up. I felt as though I just brought my newborns to the pediatrician. Such patience and genuine care. I was given appropriate information. The entire staff took such an interest in my new members of my family. It was like no other veterinary experience I have had in the past ! I would highly recommend Dr.Burgess and her staff !!"

Katie O. Algonquin, IL April 23, 2015

"Dr. Burgess and her staff are outstanding! They are very caring and knowledgeable with great follow-up, she even called me on a Sunday to see how Whiskers was doing.

You will be in great hands when you take your pet there. Thanks for opening your practice in Lake in the Hills."

Carrie H. Lake in the Hills, IL April 23, 2015

"Dr. Ferrero has been our vet since 2009 and she and her staff have always been awesome. They take the time to explain every option and have awesome bedside manner for both animal and human. Their affordability make it possible for the average person to give their pet the best care available. Simply put it’s wonderful veterinary clinic with fantastic people. It was how they responded after all options for my our beloved family dog of 15 years was up. The compassion and sympathy that she and her staff had for me, my family and the dog will stay with me forever."

Chris C. Cary, IL April 23, 2015

"After living in the Chicago area for over 5 years, I’m thrilled to have found Dr. Burgess and her amazing staff at Healthy Paws. I’ve bounced around vets for my dog and haven’t been 100% happy with any of them up until now.

Lily apparently decided she was going to suddenly become basically allergic to everything and Dr. Burgess has gone above and beyond what I expected to help manage Lily’s symptoms and chronic licking/itching. She always takes the time to clearly explain everything during exams as well as all the treatment options more than reasonable (if not lower than what I would expect to pay for the high level of care she devotes to her patients). She can be easily reached by phone or email (even on the weekend!) if I just have a question or minor concern, which is a nice changed compared to any other vet I’ve ever gone to.

The final vote of approval comes from Lily… She’s absolute loves going to the vet because of all the attention and affection Dr. Burgess and her staff shower on her!! And that’s even with Lily figuring out where the treats are stored and obnoxiously barking until she gets one. I love love love Healthy Paws Animal Hospital and Dr. Burgess and would recommend her to anyone without any hesitation!”

Carroll S. April 23, 2015

"Dr Burgess and her staff have been the most helpful and kindest group we have come across in our life time of having pets. We were welcomed into her practice a year ago when our newest little beast joined our family. We were presented with several challenges with our newest addition and everybody over there has been more than supportive, thorough and helpful addressing these.

From [not so simple] nail trims to more serious intestinal issues, they are attentive, tolerant, and caring every single time. Dr Burgess follows up with us after every encounter. We are so impressed with the care, the time, and the compassion she shows us each and every time. She not only is attentive to the physical health of our girl, she has been helpful sharing training and behavior ideas."

Joyce H. April 23, 2015

"When coming to a new state one is at the mercy of neighbor or acquaintance referrals to find a doctor or a veterinarian. Such referrals do not always work! When Shayna and I came to Illinois from New York we were given the name of a veterinary hospital from an acquaintance. This referral was not a good match for either Shayna or me. I waited too long before knowing it would be necessary for Shayna’s good health to find a new veterinarian. I DID!

Dr. Burgess is kind, personable, as well as extremely knowledgeable. She treated both Shayna and me with respect while she clearly explained a treatment plan for Shayna’s current situation. Additionally, the office staff is superb in all ways! I firmly believe that Shayna is very lucky to have found such a wonderful doctor and her entire staff. I would recommend this office and doctor to everyone!!!! As you can see, Dr. Burgess is one of the best decisions I have made since coming to Illinois."

Dr. Ellen N. April 23, 2015