Healthy Paws Animal Hospital was purposely designed to deliver a client and patient experience like no other veterinary hospital. From the design of the facility to the customer’s experience Healthy Paws has redefined how high quality, convenient, and compassionate animal care is experienced by both our clients and their cherished pets. No waiting in the lobby, comfortable and pet relaxing exam rooms with floor to ceiling windows (shown to lower pet anxiety), all standard procedures performed in the exam room with the client present, in-room check-out, low vaccination protocol standards, and all technicians being certified or degreed are just a few examples of how by design we are different than all others! Healthy Paws Animal Hospital is a high quality, full-service, care practice.  

Meet Dr. Burgess

Dr. Karen Burgess is the head veterinarian at Healthy Paws Animal Hospital.

The professional and courteous staff at Healthy Paws Animal Hospital provides the best possible wellness, medical, surgical, dental, and behavioral care for their highly-valued clients and patients. Healthy Paws staff is committed to promoting responsible pet ownership, preventative health care, and health-related educational information to our clients. Information and client communications is our cornerstone.

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Veterinary Services:

Our site has an onsite laboratory, an isolation ward, a modern animal surgery suite, and a comprehensive and well stocked pharmacy. 

Michelle R.
Michelle R.
Lake in the Hills, IL
November 16, 2015

"I absolutely love Healthy Paws Animal Hospital! I cannot say enough about the staff and Dr. Burgess. We came to them when they first opened up and have been with them ever since. From the time you walk in the door, to the time you leave, you feel very comfortable and you know your animal [ ...Continue Reading ]

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COVID 19 Statement (Updated 5/20/21)

As of now Healthy Paws Animal Hospital is seeing all clients, existing and new, for all services with modified procedures.  Healthy Paws is committed to ensuring the safety of our staff, our clients, and their pets considering the spread of COVID 19 (Coronavirus).  We are also committed to continuing to provide the best care available for our clients and their pets throughout this pandemic.  The American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), one of our governing bodies, has reported dogs and cats can contract the virus, although not easily, and no evidence of them being a source of infection spread to humans.  That said, animal infection and spread to humans is still being scientifically evaluated.   You can see the AVMA position and reference information here.  The CDC information related to pets and COVID 19 is here.  In general if you are symptomatic limit your interactions with your pet(s) in order to reduce the POTENTIAL of spread through pets.  Also you should always wash your hands prior to and after handling your pets.  You must also limit interactions with the public and service providers if you are showing any signs of infection.  Please do not visit Healthy Paws, or interact with the public in general if you are feeling under-the-weather and/or exhibiting any signs of illness, or are testing positive for Coronavirus.  Contact us via phone and we will advise you on how we can still help your pet(s) and you. 

Given the new CDC guidance, allowing no mask and relaxing social distance requirements even indoors when individuals are vaccinated, Healthy Paws is in the process of modifying our scheduling and operations protocols with the goal of eventually allowing clients back into our facility.  We have several hurdles to clear including ensuring all of our staff is vaccinated.  We appreciate your understanding given these challenging times.  Following are our guidelines for your visit to keep both you and our staff safe:

  • Wash your hands with soap and water prior to visiting our hospital.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Keep a safe social distance (6 feet) between yourself and others at all times.
  • Avoid all contact with others.
  • All interactions which include your pet (i.e. exams, rechecks, weight checks, etc.) should be scheduled prior to arrival at Healthy Paws.
  • Upon arrival at HPAH call our main line, 815-322-5400, and you will be connected to a staff member who will go over questions and create a care plan if one has not already been created.  Please let us know at this time if you or anyone in close proximity to your pet(s) is suspected of being infected with COVID 19 or displaying any signs of illness. Once the plan is completed please bring your pet, on leash or in carrier, to the front lobby door where a staff member will meet you and take your pet.  Please make sure to wear a mask as you will be within 6′ of our staff when transferring your pet to us (again, we still have staff that are not fully vaccinated).  You may watch the exam from outside or wait in the comfort of your car and participate in the exam via video call if you so desire (please let us know during the visit planning stage).  Upon completion of the exam our staff will complete the invoice; you may pay by cash, check, or via credit card (tech will take number over phone and key into our secure terminal).  Our staff will then meet you again outside of  the lobby with your pet, the receipt and printed care instructions, and any medications or food.  Again please make sure to wear a mask for both yours and our staff’s safety.

As the disease continues to spread it will continue to impact every aspect of business (manufacturing, warehousing, distribution).  We recommend that clients consider their situation and plan for the potential of ongoing shortages including medications, supplies (i.e. cat litter), and food.  Please take into account the shelf life of the product(s) ( checking expiration dates and planning accordingly).

Healthy Paws will modify our care protocols as dictated by authorities and our commitment to yours and our staff’s safety.   We will alert our clients to any changes in protocols ahead of time.   Thank your for your continued patience and understanding, please be safe!

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