Exam Room Experience

“Be brave. Take risks. Nothing can substitute experience.”
Paulo Coelho

How would I like to be treated and what would annoy me if I were taking my sick pet to the doctor? Working in the veterinary field since the age of fourteen has afforded me the opportunity to see many examples of the good and the bad. When building our practice countless people told us “you can’t” along the way. We are proud of how we challenged these at times archaic, traditional veterinary office ideas to create a better experience for our clients and patients.

Our exam room experience begins before our clients step through the front door. We work aggressively to schedule appointments mindfully, choosing exam rooms based on client or patient needs. On arrival pets are greeted, weighed, and escorted immediately to their exam room. The concept of sitting in a confined space while my pet is stressed with furry and human strangers surrounding us has always baffled me. Our lobby is small for this very reason, for show only, and we consider it a failure if you spend any significant time there.

In the exam room clients are partnered with a team member for the duration of their visit. This team member completes a medical history and puts together a tentative treatment plan including financial options. After the doctor’s examination and discussion, this same team member completes all agreed upon diagnostics and procedures, prepares any necessary prescriptions, and goes over the final treatment plan.

At the conclusion of a visit, clients are then checked out in the privacy of their exam room. No surprises, no public discussion of finances, no worrying about a dog tugging on a leash or cat being terrified while paying a bill.

There are other unique attributes to a Healthy Paws visit. Our floor to ceiling exam room windows allow pets a welcome diversion during their visit. Having the flexibility to examine pets on a padded table, on the floor, or in the lobby give us many options to help alleviate anxiety. A myriad of treats allow pets to choose between salty, sweet, crunchy, and chewy. And pheromone diffusers (synthetic scents) help calm our feline friends.

Dr. Karen Burgess
Head Veterinarian 
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